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This happy bunch of fabric is waiting to become a modern maple quilt… (You can download the free pattern right here.)

The Great Pumpkin’s coming to town! (Or the most sincere pumpkin patch near you.) Better behave…

Harvested some petite pumpkins today.

Another two weeks and we’ll have this beauty to harvest.

My work table this morning. Seems the Halloween ponies are prancing about. Garden pumpkins nestle into squooshy hanks of yarn. And my autumn fabric is calling…

The vines are fading, leaves turning a crisp brown. Winter squash are just about ready to harvest. I love this season.

The younger pumpkins are in a mad-dash to mature before October’s chill sets in.

The pumpkin harvest is making my heart sing. This batch is presently curing on our dining room table.

[Happiness is…] The last day of the Kern County Fair officially marks the end of summer. Goodbye long hot days. Hello homemade soups and breads and falling leaves.

Hand-sewing binding is wonderfully meditative. The placemats are finishing up nicely, just in time to send to the nieces.